Towing Companies in Surrey Offer Tips for Driving Safe in The Rain

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Back to school, a chill in the air, and leaves starting to turn—sounds like fall is right around the corner. But for Surrey residents, this time of year also means the start of another rainy season. Whether it’s light showers or torrential downpours, wet road conditions can make driving tricky, causing major problems for motorists. Here are some handy tips for driving safe in the rain. But always remember, if you do need help, towing companies in Surrey are always there to lend a helping hand.

Slow Down

One of the easiest and safest things you can do while driving in the rain is slow down. Even the best brakes are going to be compromised in wet and slippery conditions. Driving at slower speeds will give you more time to react, allowing you to get to your destination safely.

Brake Smoothly

Slamming on the brakes on wet roads is a bad idea. Heavy braking can cause skidding, loss of control, and accidents. Instead, slow your car by taking your foot off the accelerator, then gently apply pressure to the brake earlier than you normally would.

Allow More Space

Take it from one of the leading towing companies in Surrey, tailgating is even more dangerous on wet roads. When it’s raining, allow more space to be able to properly come to a complete stop in time. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least one to two vehicles of space between you and the motorist in front of you.

Watch Out For Large Puddles

Heavy rain can leave pooling water, causing you to hydroplane. Avoid driving over large puddles of water when you can. If that is not possible, slow down to prevent skidding and loss of control of your vehicle.

Turn Your Headlights On

Visibility is compromised when it’s raining. Turning your lights on in wet weather will not only make you more visible to other drivers, but also allows you to better see the road. That said, don’t use your high beams in the rain. The glare care impair visibility, making challenging driving conditions even worse.

Pull Over in Heavy Rain

Heavy downpours happen. And when they do, it can make it almost impossible to see clearly out on the road. If heavy rains are impacting your visibility, pull over and wait for the weather to get better. You might be late, but at least you’ll get to your destination safe and sound.

Staying safe on the road when it’s raining isn’t tough—it just takes a little planning and some common sense. With the above tips, you’ll reduce the chances of an accident during wet driving conditions.

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