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Going out for a ride can be a spiritual experience for an avid motorcycle rider. The feeling of the wind in your hair and the freedom to go anywhere you please is an exhilerating feeling that not many get to enjoy. We are here to support your good days and the bad ones with Motorcycle Towing, should the worst happen, or perhaps when you just need to get your motorcycle from point A to B when you cannot drive it.

If your motorcycle has  broken down, you have a flat tire that you can not fix, or you have been in an accident, we are here to help you.  We know It is very difficult to move a motorcycle when the engine is not running or a tire is bent.  Motorcycles are very heavy in a stationary position. Call motorcycle towing at 604-513-1900 now!

There are many reasons for motorcycle towing

  • You sold your motorcycle to a buyer that is a large distance from you and you need to hire motorcycle towing services to save on the motorbikes mileage.
  • You have had an accident or a flat tire and you need your motorcycle moved to the nearest mechanic

Motorcycle Towing experts

Clover Towing are the experts in motorcycle towing Surrey residents and guests to their desired locations.   They can tow your motorcycle in and around Langley or Surrey and the outlying areas. Call Clover Towing for motorcycle towing today.  Clover Towing are the premier partners with ICBC and BCAA.  If you cant get your motorcycle started, it has a flat tire or a dead battery call us to come out and help you get your bike moved. Call 604-513-1900!

In the case of an accident, Clover Towing has 2 impound car lots at either our Surrey or Langley impound lot that your motorcycle will be kept out while your claim is being processed. Call the dispatch at Clover Towing to learn where your motorcycle or vehicle is located.   Call 604-513-1900!

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