Tow Truck in Langley Tips: How to Drive Safely at Night

It’s unavoidable. Sooner or later, like it or not, you’re going to need to drive at night. While it can be more of a challenge to commandeer your vehicle after dark, there are a variety of steps [...]

When to Call for an Emergency Tow Truck

Who doesn’t love packing up the vehicle and getting away from it all for a while, especially during the holiday season? The open road, the sense of freedom, the anticipation of spending time with [...]

Surrey Emergency Towing Services

Professional & Experienced Emergency Towing Service Surrey Scared and alone in the dark with busy traffic speeding past is a potentially dangerous situation for you to be in. When you are [...]

Motorcyle Towing Surrey bikes for over 35 years

Going out for a ride can be a spiritual experience for an avid motorcycle rider. The feeling of the wind in your hair and the freedom to go anywhere you please is an exhilerating feeling that not [...]

Let’s Celebrate Towing Surrey!

Towing is our passion.  A tow truck can get you out of many difficult situations but have you ever wondered how they were invented in the first place? Maybe not but surely you are grateful that [...]

3 Reasons Why People Love Langley Towing

Our Langley towing services, Clover Towing, try hard to help the public when they are in distress. That is why we are regularly rated as the Best Towing Company in Langley.  It is not always easy [...]

Let’s celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Emergency tow truck Langley!

There is a lot of history before we get to Towing in Langley: Let’s start off with a short review of the history of the automobiles. According to Wikipedia in: “1768, the first steam [...]