Tow Truck in Langley Tips: How to Drive Safely at Night

It’s unavoidable. Sooner or later, like it or not, you’re going to need to drive at night. While it can be more of a challenge to commandeer your vehicle after dark, there are a variety of steps [...]

Winter Driving Tips from your Local Towing Company in Langley

The owner of a Fraser Valley towing company is urging drivers to slow down this winter and smarten up after a tow truck driver suffered two broken legs in a collision on the side of Highway 1 in [...]

24 Hour Emergency Towing – What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down On The Highway

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Langley Towing Tips: What to Do If Your Car Is Towed

It’s a busy Saturday morning with a million things on the go. Groceries in hand, you race out of the store and make a beeline to your vehicle. But when you get to the parking spot, all you can [...]

3 Reasons Why People Love Langley Towing

Our Langley towing services, Clover Towing, try hard to help the public when they are in distress. That is why we are regularly rated as the Best Towing Company in Langley.  It is not always easy [...]